Advanced Catechist's Course

Advanced Catechist's Course

This course is available to those who have successfully completed the Basic Catholic Catechism Course.

36 Lessons in:

  • What we Believe (Creed)
  • Christian Morality (Ten Commandments)
  • Channels of Grace (Sacraments)
  • Learning to Pray (The Lord's Prayer)

0011 Advanced Catholic Catechist's Course includes:

"This manual is a clear exposition of the teachings of the Church. Written in simple style, it is easy to understand, and it leaves no doubt in the mind as to what is required of us by the Church."
— Blessed Mother Teresa, MC


View a sample of the manual and questions.

Two new additions to the Advanced Course for reference sources!

The Advanced Catholic Catechism Course is intended to assist those who are training to give religious instruction in the Catholic faith. Its purpose is very practical: to provide a systematic method of preparing persons to teach the fundamentals of the Catholic religion. Thus parents, teachers in Catholic schools and parishes and others will find here a useful home study program.

The first three chapters of the Manual give personal and practical information with which every catechist should be familiar. The rest of the chapters follow the familiar order of faith, sacraments, commandments, and prayer.

The two additional catechisms by Father Hardon that are a part of the Advanced Course The Catholic Catechism and The Question and Answer Catholic Catechism will prove to be a treasure for additional reference sources to expand knowledge and depth of faith. The Modern Catholic Dictionary included with the Basic Course will continue to be a much-used source for the many Catholic terms presented in the Advanced Course.

Tuition: $65 US and Canada (U.S. funds please)

To order the Advanced Course for Two (for couples, or two members of the same household), add $20 and receive an additional Workbook and Answer Tablet. Other books are shared; testing and corrections are on an individual basis. $8.00 (Canada $25) shipping for each course.

Price: $65.00


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