Basic Catholic Catechist's Course

This is Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.'s original Basic Catholic Catechist's Course requested by Pope John Paul II. This course has now been revised. Only the revised Basic Catholic Catechist's Course is to be used. Please order directly from Eternal Life (1-800-842-2871).

Basic Catholic Catechist's Course

16 Lessons in:

  • Salvation History
  • Apostles Creed
  • Commandments
  • Beatitudes
  • Sacraments
  • The Lord's Prayer

Materials include:

"Fr. Hardon, who is neither obscure in his theology nor wordy in its presentation, proves himself in this present book to be a master of catechetical pedagogy."

- Silvio Cardinal Oddi,
Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for Clergy

View a sample of the workbook.

The Basic Catholic Catechism is a textbook for the training of teachers of religion. It is adapted for this purpose from the author's Question and Answer Catechism. Major references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church follow the last chapter of each section.

This catechism is concise in the sense that it contains all the esstials of the Catholic faith. But it is more than a summary because it explains what the Catholic Church teaches and draws heavily on the Sacred Scriptures to explain this teching. It is thoroughly up-to-date, relying on the documents of the Second Vatican Council and the new Code of Canon Law.

Tuition: $XX US and Canada (U.S. funds please)

Includes all materials, and test grading. To order the Basic Course for Two (for couples, or two members of the same household), add $XX and receive an additional Workbook and Answer Tablet. Other books are shared; testing and corrections are on an individual basis. $8.00 (Canada $25) shipping for each course

Price: $XX.XX


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