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Theology, literally "the science of God," is derived from the Greek Theos (God) and logos (study). The term was used by the Stoics in the third century B.C. to describe a reasoned analysis of the deity. Earlier uses were more naturalistic. Thus Plato in the Republic and Aristotle in his Metaphysics called Homer, Hesiod, and Orpheus theologians because they first determined the genealogies and attributes of the gods. With the advent of Christianity theology came to mean what its etymology suggested, and was defined by St. Augustine as "reasoning or discourse about the divinity."
The Impact of Theology on the Intellectual Life of the Nation: II
My purpose will be to examine in some detail the influence of Catholic theological principles in our country, with some reference to the past but mostly with emphasis on the future. I shall try to answer, candidly and I hope with some profit, the question: What does Catholic theology offer to the upbuilding of the American mind?

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